Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drumroll please...

Holy guacamole! It has been way way way too long since I have updated this thing. And much has happened since then. Amanthus' belly seems to be gaining in size and roundness on a daily basis. She's about 20 weeks and a few days now. Originally we wanted to wait to find out the sex of the baby until he/she showed her/his little face, mainly due to concerns about ultrasound technology's effect on the developing lil' bugger. However, after our last meeting with the midwives, we decided that the benefit and peace of mind outweighed the risks and dangers. The midwives recommended a good-natured, if a little aloof, doctor.

As he was translating all the moving grey blobby granules into internal organs, a bigger picture emerged. It was amazing to see little fingers and toes, wiggling baby arms and legs. For most of the ultrasound, I had to take the doc's word about what we were seeing, but there were times that things came together and I could see entire parts of the baby's body. The most clear was the skeletal system, a tiny spinal column and 10 little fingers. As I stared slack-jawed at the screen, the doctor also made an important announcement: "Oh, wait a sec...There's his penis!" Boy oh boy! That was quite the surprise!

Amanthus' best guess, until that moment, was that we were going to have a beautiful little baby girl, and that we would name her Luscia. Time for a little change in plans! Although afterwards, it took us a little time to shift paradigms, we were both really excited that everything seems to be developing into perfectly healthy baby (boy)! Amanthus was really excited to braid hair and pick out cute dresses, and I think it's better that we know now rather than waiting until he is ready to come into the world. Yes, we definitely will have to figure out a different name for him. Ira? Avery? Oscar? Ezra? Lucas? Oliver? Luckily, we still have some time to figure it out. More than anything, it expanded my mind further into fatherhood, driving home the miraculous nature of this emerging life. I am so happy that I am a father and have been blessed with such a lovely, beautiful family.

And here they are at 20 weeks!